Video 12 Jan 31 notes

After some delay, more lasts of usses! (tag for old lasts of usses)

Video 11 Dec 64 notes

I drew more’a them The Lasts of Usses. SORRY THE LAST ONE IS SAD

more under my tag

Video 26 Nov 19 notes

More JoelnEllies loosely associated with Geop’s The Last of Us Let’s Play.

That night, Scruffy shed a single tear… not for his lost music career, but the lost cuisine of nachos.

More of mine under this tag

Video 16 Nov 123 notes


more the last of us from me

Video 14 Nov 46 notes

Today I received something from the Gunnerkrigg Fairy, and although I only have 1500 of you, I’m sure some of you read this comic and hopefully some of you are able to visit Leeds Thought Bubble on the 23rd or 24th of this month! Using my tumblr for good.

Tom will be there selling Annie in the Forest part 2 (and 1 also I think), as well as most volumes of his books, and some pins he’s posted about, and surely a bunch of other stuff. He will be in the New Dock Hall, table 123

Video 6 Nov 14 notes

More drawings for The Last of Us! (this blog tag has more)

Joel made the best weapon in the game more better; DAN DORITY; Joel found these notes in a Lisa Frank folder!

Video 30 Oct 33 notes

The brick thing is a lot funnier if you’re watching Geop’s LP.

more the last of us

Video 25 Oct 62 notes

I drawed more The Last of Us.

Video 18 Oct 3,300 notes


drew greyhounds in class this week!

oh, look at those sweeties! My friend and I went to a life drawing class series and we kept saying I should draw Union like life drawing and… I never did… :(

Video 16 Oct 73 notes

I drew some pictures from The Last of Us, because Geop and his friend have started a LP of it on SA, and it was a game I liked a lot. I’ll be posting more under my the last of us tag.

More art soon!

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