Video 11 Jan 59 notes

I am going to draw some more Liara comics now, but here, have some Batmans while you wait.

Video 24 Dec 26 notes

Happy Holidays from Old Batman Comics!

Video 23 Sep 32 notes

Old Batman just keeps going and going

Video 4 Sep 20 notes

Old Batman has a first name, it’s B-r-u-c-e, Old Batman has a second name it’s W-a-y-n-e

Video 21 Aug 22 notes

Guess who drew more Old Batman Comics tonight? YO (older old batmans)

Video 1 Aug 12 notes

Also some Old Batman because I’ve been BUSY (drawing) (more old batmans)

I should maybe do something different for #100, but I dunno… what would batman do?

Video 21 Jul 41 notes

Old Batman is almost 100.

(more Old Batman)

Video 16 Jul 26 notes

Old Batman Old Batman (Old Batman)

Video 30 Jun 19 notes

Old Batman Old Batman (Old Batman)

Video 23 Jun 22 notes

Did you want more Old Batman Comics? Well too bad because here some are! (More Old Batmans)

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