Video 13 Jun 221 notes

The Outtakes of James Vega, Expert Hacker and Space Marine

OK team, these were some B-list ideas that didn’t seem too awful when I looked them over. I do have some more ambitious ME projects in the works but you’ll have to bear with me a little longer. Older James Vega posts

Video 27 Apr 2,521 notes

The Adventures of James Vega, Rad Dude and Space Marine

The idea for this came from SA poster RaspberryCommie, and a couple of the ideas were contributed by SAers too! This is more Mass Effect silliness but the idea was too cute not to do, plus I like crayons a lot.

Mass Effect 3 Spoilers, obviously

Edit: There’s also a Part 2¬†and outtakes if you’re so inclined

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