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Now for some Valengarruses. He’s pretty awkward, just like that portmanteau. I didn’t expect that the Tali ones would be so popular, so we’ll see how the Garrus ones do.

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Urz still good, Urz still Best Dog

I have a couple more I want to do but I’m kind of impaired right now so I thought I would scan and post these while I still could!

I’m sorry if these are terrible in some way. I will do something better tomrorow!

DEAR INTERNET have you met my bro theropods he did the song THOSE MINERALS among other things

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Hanging Out With Garrus (All) - It’s hard to choose a favourite!

I know 4 of these are reposts but i kinda like the idea of having them all up in one tumblr post, besides you still get 4 new ones so shaddap.

That’s it for now! I don’t plan to do more, but you never know. If I do more it won’t be for a while though.

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Hanging Out With Garrus (Part 2)

There should be another 4 coming in the next few days!

Part 1

Video 22 Apr 172 notes

Hanging Out With Garrus (part 1)

Took me a while to find a style I liked for these. Should be more coming sooner or later!

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