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The Outtakes of James Vega, Expert Hacker and Space Marine

OK team, these were some B-list ideas that didn’t seem too awful when I looked them over. I do have some more ambitious ME projects in the works but you’ll have to bear with me a little longer. Older James Vega posts

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More Adventures of James Vega, Cool Bro and Space Marine

I’m glad people liked the first set so much. :] I’ve been doing lots of silly Mass Effect stuff lately. I’m sure I’ll draw more later, Shepard

Edit: Here’s some outtakes 

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The Adventures of James Vega, Rad Dude and Space Marine

The idea for this came from SA poster RaspberryCommie, and a couple of the ideas were contributed by SAers too! This is more Mass Effect silliness but the idea was too cute not to do, plus I like crayons a lot.

Mass Effect 3 Spoilers, obviously

Edit: There’s also a Part 2 and outtakes if you’re so inclined

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