Video 19 Oct 5 notes

I haven’t posted anything in a little while but I’m gonna try a 24 hour comic this weekend so maybe I will have something long to post soon????

Meanwhile I have started a life drawing evening course, here are the ‘good’ pictures from the first two sessions. I don’t know if these are good or not, honestly. I mean, I know they’re not BAD, but I guess I don’t know how to judge the worth of a life drawing? What should I be looking for, here? (I put drawing comments on them which you should see if you click them.)  (I’m not going to share the really junky 1-minute speed drawing ones)

Video 13 Nov 8 notes

Here are my last couple weeks’ life drawings (the ones we got more than a minute to work on). I don’t really feel like I’m improving???, but maybe that was just because I had a hard time at the most recent one. I’ve learned a couple of things during the class though, and my friend and I decided, I think, that if they offer it in spring we might take it again. It’s interesting to draw the models anyway, and it’s inexpensive, and I must be learning something if I’m at least practicing.

Row 1- 3 weeks ago (I made her look too old by trying to shade her face)

row 2- 2 weeks ago (This guy was really fun to draw, and a nice guy too)

row 3 - last week (I wish I’d taken a photo of the line drawing, I liked it better before shading. Also that sketchy one I drew after to test my eyeballing proportions. Anime legs that I had to fix!)

That last one is a gif that my friend Tom made by going round the easels during a break and asking if he could take a picture of their drawings. It’s neat! It’s a little small but what do you expect of a phonegif. I’ll try to get him to make a couple more. :]

Video 16 Nov 10 notes

Yesterday we got to use charcoal in our life drawing class. It’s messy and dark and inexact and I LOVE IT. I had a great time. I finally felt like I was a life draw-er

I think my favorite is the one with the hands.

Video 23 Nov 6 notes

Charcoal charcoal charcoal!!!!

I think I probably am most satisfied with the 4th and 5th ones.

Video 29 Nov 5 notes

Never using a pencil again. NEVERRRRRRR

Video 17 Dec 4 notes

Here are a couple drawings from my last two sessions. More next year! We tried ink washes and it turns out I hate ink washes and am pretty bad at them. Ink schmink, charcoal forever

Maybe I should consider doing more than 5-10 minute sketchy things with charcoal. But… I like their whole messy sketchy thing.

Video 11 Jan 5 notes

'sup tumbs, life drawing class started again last night

The janky ones we only had 1-5 minutes to do. Also in some of them his head is too small.

Edit: On the last one, the instructor’s only comment was “watch that” and used her thumb to rub out the little line I’d drawn for his butt. I had no idea what she meant so I redrew a smudgier line???

Video 25 Jan 7 notes

more life draws. that last one is when I decided to try drawing some of the other people, obviously. I think they noticed I kept looking at them though. Still I like how the guy came out, and the lady is an OK representation.

Video 8 Feb 17 notes

More life draws. I dunno if I’m getting better, but I guess I can do it a bit faster, and I’m much better at eyeing proportions and stuff!

Video 15 Feb 11 notes

More life drawings. My favorite is the second one- there was some laughter going on in the class and the model was trying soooo hard not to laugh or smile, but he couldn’t. It was super cute :3 

The last two were an experiment with my new Inkling! The first is what it looks like on the paper and the second was what got digitized. I made a little animation of the different layers in Photoshop.

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